Feb. 16th, 2014

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this is a "hi i'm here, it's been a while and i feel like i have changed as a person but i like myself better now and i like you guys too" post, because i would like to post fic here but it feels weird to start posting again without saying anything!

feel free to tell me about what has happened in your lives or whatever you're interested in these days, i would love to hear from you <3 and that goes for pretty much anyone i have ever talked to or follow or anything; i feel like i was always a little socially awkward and hesitant when it comes to talking to people (and to writing! but college has been good to me on both these fronts, and i feel like i've improved at least a little) and i would love to get to know you all better!
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and now, of course, the really interesting stuff:
here is a fic-type thing i wrote not too long ago!
this is patrick/gerard, genderswapped (maybe also sexswapped? i still haven't decided if these versions of the characters are cisgirls, so feel free to make them whatever you desire in your head!) and it's set early in both their careers, probably 2003-ish. so they're pretty young, and i've used some characterizations that i've developed in conversation with a friend—patrick is wee and dom and very polite, but nursing a potential to be quite vicious, and gerard is also wee and eager and generally less self-conscious about her desires (read: raging sub, in a dramatic kind of way). and a giant nerd.
content notes: contains bdsm elements and some implications of fantasized noncon/consent play (assumed to be consensual).
summary: patrick jerks off, at some point. 1490 words.

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