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I like being awake early, eating sour things, listening to music, not having papers to write, fannish squee, and airplane trips. I still wanna go to space. I've been in fandom to varying extents for about nine years, most of which was spent being very very shy. I speak about two and a half languages and sing in the shower. Chances are I like you.

As of 2016, I am particularly into Generation Kill and Person of Interest.

(also on LJ.)

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agent mulder's face, ancient geocities fanfic, astrobiology, breaking the fourth wall, captain america, creative swearing, fitness, generation kill, gerard way the alien, getting smashed into the barrier at concerts, homestuck, kink, marvel cinematic universe, metafandom, military history, peggy carter hitting dudes with staplers, person of interest, pete wentz's blogging style, portal, rpf, science as story, space exploration, star trek, stargate, the x-files, weird indie music
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